How to save money on cell phone plans

How to save money on cell phone plans
How to save money on cell phone plans

How to save money on cell phone plans

First step in reaching my goal of becoming financially free started with wanting to lower my monthly expenses. One glaring expense that I needed to change was my $90 a month iPhone plan with Verizon. Not only was this plan killing my pocket book it also came with limited data and an early termination fee. Yuck!

I thought I was stuck. I thought I had no choice. Friends with AT&T and T-Mobile said they had their companies were expensive and had downfalls as well.

Then one day I heard of an amazing company called Republic wireless. A friend and mentor Johnny Moneyseed turned me on to the company in Oct of 2013 and since then I have been enjoying unlimited text and calls for just $10 a month!!!

No contracts no hidden fees or catches. This is not a bait and switch this is real life. They even have plans starting as low as $5. You just have to decide which plan you want.. Oh and you can change your plan at anytime.

No hassles no negotiations no contracts and no early termination fees! Not only that but when you sign up now through my link you get a free $20 credited towards your account!

And check back for more great money saving and financial freedom tips to come!

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